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The Edge Of Illusion

by The Silence Industry

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The 4th release from The Silence Industry. This time The Silence Industry can be heard refining their unique sound which combines elements of post-punk, industrial, noise, dream-pop, psychedelia and goth-rock. "The Edge of Illusion" is a reference to our dispossession and our struggles to overcome it: a theme that runs throughout the release.


released January 5, 2009



Track Name: The Gates Of Heaven
steel tethers shiver;
of hatred, greed and fear
corroded in these hands once bound
now valorized, severe

the hour's voice is calling
in the streets and in the fields
to stand upright, galvanized
heated in the blood of dawn revealed

dancing to the song of earth
as we storm the gates of heaven

our deafening love screaming
into the depths of raging stars
as we climb into the scent of now
and push ourselves beyond
the necromantic core of industry
and dead accumulation
masterless and synergistic like waves in harmony
we are all leaders

we are not afraid of ruins
with hearts of hearts unbound
birthing new foundations
from the ashes of the old
to master and to own

we will dance tomorrow
on the graves of servitude
and lions
and take our place
amongst the gods
finally made real
in eachothers' arms

unified, synchronized
in the primacy of now

the once unreachable
is realized
in burning hands

it feels like eternity
I've been waiting
to kiss the lips of gravity
through our darkest days emerge
to leave a final note upon
these lonely concrete walls
the door is open
I'm leaving all of them behind
nothing can stand between us now.
Track Name: The Edge Of Illusion
a deeper shade of
colourless smoke
moving ghostlike
shadowing desires
the skin of sacrifice
is shed and hollowed out
leaving moments left
and leaving, left behind

abandon everything
this breathless night

into the iron corridor
stripped like shadows
dancing to the sound
of naked rain
beating down upon the rust
of heaven's disrepair
embracing, we exist
on the edge of illusion

crashing through the gates
of transience
and burning
all your perfumed melodies

as moments leave you cold
I will keep you warm
on the threshold of a kiss
and slipping through your fingers

emerging from oblivion
the promise of life
becoming all
we will never be

it's all or nothing
invisible hands guide us
through the poison fog they weave
until the war
is over

realized and lost
our tongues are tied
and tired
tacit and drained

actuality awaits
beyond the blue horizon
we will assemble
and enjoin

into a sea
painted in violent reds
until the smog clouds
settle upon the water
until the words we speak
find life within a living world
and the end of bloodless days

sprinting from shadows
of our history
into a battle
for the heartland of the moment
until the execution
of actions in the centre
of humanity in motion
the death of dead time.
Track Name: Awakened
open wide your dreaming eyes
a million breaths race
heated to the light
melting in this night

as we
explode like shells of cinder
once worn with pride
open your eyes
and feel alive

break the ice
fall into uncharted waters
a kiss to set
the screaming sky
in motion

the quiet death of hope
silently implodes
in soundless songs
awakened in your eye

entrust in me
all your secrets, every key
some day we'll live forever

hand in hand
we'll walk this path with courage
never looking back
into the deathless smiles
of waking suns

into nothingness fades
all the dust
that held us down


into the deathless smiles
of waking suns
Track Name: The Limits Of An Endless Sky
overcast and mournful
the limits of an endless sky
came crashing down
like birds with broken wings

the words fell out
across exhausted air

scatter the cadence
of betryal
to the wind

years of dirt upon
our fingers
we clawed our way
ever closer to the sun

stolen rifles
in our hands
like bare desires
beyond repression

we kissed and parted
from the heart of infinity
into corrosion
and abandon
burying the dreamers
beneath the
ruins of our youth
as the air closed in
around us

into the resurrection
of restless sleep
we walk in numbered lines

we dress our wounds
in uniform
as executioners
and shadows
parade themselves
like heroes

we kissed and parted
from the heart of vision
into decay

burying the dreamers
beneath the
ruins of our youth
when the air closed in
around us

into the resurrection
of restless sleep
as they parade themselves
like heroes

the limits of
an endless sky
come crashing down
like birds
with broken

how shall we live now?
how shall we live now?
brothers, sisters
Track Name: Breach [Process]
cities of gold
standing still
decades in a vaccuum
frozen in

products of our time
we stand inside
this voracious process

sentries to the core
of the divide

blurred replica
in a garden of smoke
across the fields of mourning
call out your name! (remember who you are)

cry out into the our fingers welded
nothingness to an ever distant sky
our lust pushes us we are suspended in the wake
to the borderlands (of negation) of steel and silver

obliteration shall be our poetry
it's in you
it's in me

hold on

don't let this dead wind
drag you away
into the eyes
of elysium

when will we stand together,
why do we stand

when will we stand together,
in the shadow of
a restless summer || ?
Track Name: Hereafter (International) - [Solidarity Mix]
quiver and tremble
the ties of blood are
rotting away

rising from our slumber
to end these walls
this is the time and place

outcast and homeless (you and I)
beyond the fences
of enclosure

brother, sister
in dispossesion
we all stand together

hereafter tied
with totalizing
side by side
our fates
cannot be divided
by their borders
we are all outsiders here

leave ignorance
in ruin
break ranks
like sugar glass

together we breathe
together we fear
together we awake
the passion in one anothers' eyes


hereafter tied
with a single thread
of cordage
side by side
common dreamers
we cannot be bound
within their confines
we are outsiders here
we are indivisible
break down
the barricades
elaborate forever
in the now
we will shine
even as the ravens
and the vultures